What's What Pedro Said? 
What Pedro Said gives you the opportunity to unwind and take care of yourself while you read the best articles about Fashion, Self-Care, Beauty and some random interviews with Inspiring People.
Hi there! To be honest, I do not know how to define What Pedro Said. Through its existence, everything changed. Lots of love, sweat, and tears were poured into this project. It grew. It changed and now it’s this. A type of publication that is not a blog, but neither a magazine because it is a little bit personal. 
Now, I want people to define it. I know this project doesn’t mean the same for everybody so I don’t want to describe it as something that maybe isn’t what everybody sees. When I started What Pedro Said, back in 2016, it had another name and it meant something completely different. I actually had no idea of what I was doing, even though I have had other blogs. Now I want it to be more than a blog, but without losing the cooler and chiller side of it. 
Here you can find a type of writing that won’t make you think that much and probably won’t find anywhere else. I hope this can be a fun place where you can also learn.

O Que é o What Pedro Said?
What Pedro Said dá-te a oportunidade de deixares o stress de lado e tomar conta de ti e dos teus pensamentos enquanto navegas pelos melhores artigos de Moda, Self-Care, Beleza e entrevistas ao calhas com pessoas inspiradoras.


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