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The Perfect Day Outfit EN

It's been a while since I got the opportunity to explore and enjoy the nature with my fav people in the world. Serralves was the place we choose to go and I have to admit... It get's prettier every damn time. We took our food and happiness and eat it all in a cute little picnic. It was one of my favorites days, even though we spend the biggest part of the time eating and taking photos.
Since y'all already know my friends to well and I want to keep this day just for myself I thought I should do a post about the outfit I have chosen for this get away. It's comfy and warm and cute. This is a good outfit for that kind of days you don't wanna dress up for a thing but still wanna look good and comfy.

I ain't no fashionista, even though I'm improving my style so I can become one and feel better with me. So every time I go out with my friends I try to choose a comfortable outfit and make it my own, you know what I mean? Lately I have been inspired by the netflix's series " The End of The Fucking World", which I have to admit... Is good.

So it's always an adventure to decide what we are going to wear to when the weather isn't trustful. How many layers, how to wear them, etc. DO I NEED A SCARF AND A HEATER OR A FAN AND BE HALF NAKED? Seriously, i love winter but damn!!! It's hard to keep up. Therefore I put on a very simple and cute white shirt from MO (and couldn't find the rigth one but that's almost the same) and a sweatshirt from i don't remember where (i think it's pull and bear). She's vvv comfortable and warm which is good for a park adventure. I've got her since my 11/12th grades sooo you can tell that sugar honey iced tea is good!

Then I rocked it with my fav pair of jeans, >>> the black one's <<< from Pull and Bear which are skinny enough to keep everything in place. Y'all skinny jeans are my forever thing. they suit me well so imma keep using them cause I feel good.

The jacket is from pull an bear too ( this is not sponsered. idk how did i managed to dress myself with almost just one brand). It's not appropriate to cold weather cause ... like that sh*t is just a piece of cloth. It's not warm. AT ALL.
To finish my insignificant, not that sparkly, comfortable outfit I shoes (did you get it get it?) to wear my DC's instead of boots. On my face I used a little bit of concealer from flormar.

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Love you all,
Pedro Terrantez

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