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New Year's Resolutions 2018 EN

Hey Guys!!! I have to admit I missed you all very much and missed writing in English. Some of you are here since Life of PeZ making an effort to understand what I write in Portuguese and that makes so but so happy... Thanks for that. You and my Portuguese readers are probably wondering the reason why I'm writing in EN. I'mma explain. My blog went very well last year and as Life of Pez was a big thing too, I decided that I should mix things up and have posts in English and Portuguese so all of you can understand what I say. It's pretty much that. Now let´s move on to the post.

New Year's Resolutions blog posts are something that have been part of the blogosphere family since ever so I thought "Why not upload mine this year?". I want 2018 to be my year. The year I affirm my place, my voice, my sexuality, accept myself and make the blog be recognized alongside with my podcast and my talented friends...

1- Make the most of each and every month
I'm living in a new city during the next months or 3 years. I entered collage last year, in September, and I do wanna get to know the city and all of the places she has. I wanna meet new people, travel and be conscious of myself and choices. I wanna be happy and proud of me.

2- Go to more concerts and produce my own music
This 2 have been a goal on my list of things to do every year since 2014. Go to concerts has happen a lot of times but producing music has been left on paper. I have the voice, I have the lyrics and some people say I have the talent so I just need a producer, a studio and an audience. I'm looking forward to share a my first single with you all till the end of the year, so let's hope it goes down well.
About concerts I really really really wanna see Demi Lovato perform at Rock in Rio. She has been an inspiration and an Idol to me since Camp Rock sooo let's see how it goes.

3- Be recognized as a portuguese blogger and an activist
One of my life goals has always been to be a successful journalist and TV presenter, singer and blogger. While I was growing up not seeing many POC and Queer people on television made me realise that something has to be changed. Oprah is my main inspiration in everything like Ellen and I really hope that I can be as big as them and my work gets to change something. After seven blogs I really established myself in this industry and now I wanna make it work. Not for the money. From here I can share my life, my opinions and help the ones who can't do it. I want my blog to be recognized as a place where people can relax, have fun and look for help if they need. About being an activist... I think everybody noticed that. I'm always looking forward to help whoever I can. LGBTQ+ issues are my main subject alongside with Mental Health which is very important to me. Feminism and education are on my list too, but for now I wanna focus on the first ones. Probably I won't do any of them, but at least I tried.

4- Do giveaways
You guys have always been here for me since I first upload my first blog. Y'all read my posts, like my content and support me, so I thought it would be nice to give you something. U deserve it.

5- Be myself and inspire others to do the same
I'm all about that 'be yourself' and 'be positive' thing, but till today I've never saw someone really do it just because I said so... I wanna inspire and help more people to be and do themselves without being scared even though I am scared too.We only got one life to live so let's make this one the best ever. Be gay, be drag, use makeup, don't use it, break stereotypes, be the best straight you can (not homophobic or I will find you and kill you biatche).

6- Be organised
This should be my first priority. Even though I am super organised I need to commit myself to do it all year. Life is so much better when you plan things and do them right. This will just not help your mental health but you will gain more time for yourself and your loved ones. (The blog will have some posts about that through the year. stay tunned)

7- Control my anxiety
The last resolution leads me to this one. Being organised and clean is a way, for me, to make sure my anxiety doesn't hit me everyday all day. Listen, she is a B-I-C-T-H (if you do get this reference we can be friends forever. let me know you understood on the comments). She hits you like a bus and damn. there you go. You are done. I do wanna control my anxiety, but I do wanna make sure people understand what it is to live with her. Some times people think I cancel things, don't get along with them because I don't want too... but it's not truth. that's the reason why I don't go to praxe, I prefer to have a small group of friends and do more cosy things. MOVING ON

8- Journaling and meditate at least 3 times a week
In 2017 I decided that I would do some things that could help me dealing with my problems. Journaling and meditation really hold me through the bad times. Write everything you have on your mind is relaxing as meditation. Pick a notebook, style it and you are ready to go. About meditation choose a video on youtube and do it.

There are more things I really need to do. Be more healthy, stop using socials so much, and blah blah blha. I hope I get to change a lot in me this year and you do too. If this post inspired in any kinda of way let me know in the comments or private message on ig and share your goals with the other.

*P.S. i do wanna buy christmas gifts for everyone, in time.

Love you all,
Pedro Terrantez

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