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Love Yourself EN

 We all should care more about ourselves for ourselves instead of taking care of us for the others.
Since I know myself as a person I have been told I should love myself. My mom, my friends, the lady on the store… everybody screams: Self-Love is important and the only thing that will make you go through life, the miserable life. 
I have to admit I have struggled to do it or commit to even try. I’m sure I am not alone on this one, but I’m trying. Awkwardly loving “us” is one hell of a ride. It’s a difficult task. Accepting my body, mind, weirdness, wtv we need to love in ourselves. I do believe self-Love is so underrated and it should be implemented in our dna. We all should care more about ourselves for ourselves instead of taking care of us for the others. U know what I mean?
I think it is time for us to celebrate our bodies and soul’s! It has been forgeotten for a while, but we can’t let that happen. What are we without self-love? We spend our lives trying to please everybody, but not us? Why do I love others more than I love me?? I don’t think this is selfish so why don’t we do it? Why don’t I do it?
I’m on vacations from college and I feel free, but at the same time I feel trapped. I’m living my life, writing songs everyday, creating this new project, that happens to be a dream of mine, i go to sleep when I want… I want to believe that’s taking care of myself and loving who I am, but when I ask myself about it… I still feel like something’s missing. Maybe I need to work less and watch more TV shows?! Cause they actually help me destress and unwind - btw you need to watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. just by thinking about I feel happier. I thank all of my stars every single day for letting me discover that show one year ago. Thanks to everybody who produces and directs this type of shows. Without them when would we have time for yourselves? Exactly. Never! AND THE CLOTHES! Don’t even get me started on the looks!
You are probably wondering why the f*ck am I talking about tv shows on a post related to self-love. Well... I don't know either. But there's a thing. They help us distract from the world. From everything outside of us. We just get cosy on our couch and there we go. An amazing trip to the world of "idk where this is going to take me, but that airplane sit is mine". That's what tv shows do to us. They make us travel and think about us. About our role in society and in our own life. Without Tv shows I would never realise a lot of things. Including it is okay to be me. They help us figure it out things. They show us what we want to see and say the things that we wanna hear but are afraid to say it.
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Oh dear! I love that show. 16 hours of pure stand up comedy. 16 hours of me laughing and crying. 16 hours of women empowerment. Midge Maisel you are my queen. Even though she's “rich”, she kept going. But that's not the point. She pursuide something. With all the highs and lows. That's self love. Do what you want if you have to hide it from your family. Self-love is believing in you when nobody else does. It's walk on the street alone to chase your dreams while your friends who promised you they would be by your side are laying on their couches. That's self-love. 
Getting into the point of this post and forgetting the tv shows. You should love yourself. I have been struggling a little bit with that lately, but I keep going on cause I know it's gonna get better. Lack of confidence? It's normal, but do not let that tear you down. Love your body. Nobody in the world get's to tell you you aren’t worth it.
Loving yourself is about accepting who you really are. Analizing every piece of who you are and learn to love them. All the flaws and every damn good thing. I still don’t know what loving yourself totally means or what it feels to love yourself. I'm still learning, but I promise I'll get there. 
This post is all over the place but I like the way it turned out. Before I left I want you to know that you can count on me for anything you need. I do love you and I am thankful for you, so live your life and be happy. Don't waste your time. Do something for you and for the world!

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