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All Over the World: a travel bucket list EN

I have to admit I have never shown a desire to travel the world or go to every single country. I would go on vacations every year with my family, but still nothing that important. Since I started to be more interested in nature, plants, human rights, blogging and photography it was like a wave of wanderlust personalities swallowed me and drowned me on the world of wanting to discover the world. The last time I talked about traveling or places I would love to go to was when Life of Pez was a thing. It's been almost 3 years since then, so I thought I would share some places I want to visit in my life time.

New York
This is my first priority. Like number 1. I think that when I get out of the plane I will cry like a baby. Since I am 13, New York has been my dream city. I want to work there, live in my cute apartment, enjoy all the things that exist there. Yes, I know New York is different if we are tourists, but that happens in every damn city. If I do get to live there I will have to adjust myself to the place and learn how to deal with all the problems. Reminder: I only wanna live in New York if I do get a job at NBC or ABC, having my own talk show (something in the vibe of oprah, ellen, wendy and chelsea). It is a expensive travel experience so I do have to save a lot of money. Not because I will eat at very well known restaurants or stay in 5 star hotels, but THE MAKEUP AND CLOTHES!!! In NYC I will get to buy and try every single brand I have been looking for since I was a teenager. And don't even let me start talking about the makeup!!!! But seriously,  NY is my dream city. Everything in it makes ewww I don't even know.

This city is alongside New York my fav place in the world. I discovered it while I was doing some school work research. Since then... I cannot stop thinking about it. So good and pretty. This would be my vacation for a lifetime place. Every little thing in there is pretty. And the economy!!! Girlll I wish I could have that numbers in my bank account.

Y'all know I've been there last year, but I do really wanna go back. First of all it is so lgbt friendly and cosy... People aren't that nice but I can deal with it. I really hope I do get visit it in a few months with my friends or family. There is so much to discover aside all the things I've already visited. And the architecture of the city herself is just amazing.

Los Angeles
This is my paradise. If I do get to be someone in the mainstream music industry I do wanna live there or if I get to be an Oprah I wanna live there. Like minutes away from my studio. Amazing. The main reason I do wanna live in there is because of gay rights. There are a lot of LGBTQ+ help centers and I would love to work there, see the reality and do whatever I can to help the others. Even though my bitch ass diva side wants to say I wanna go there because of the lifestyle and money (which isn't a lie) I would go there just to help.

I ain't got nothing to say about this. I just want. I was supposed to study there this year but I decided it would be a little bit extreme for me and my anxiety soooo I didn't and after one of my teachers advice me and my friend Sofia we made the decision to stay in Portugal. But well... We see you London!

If you have been here for a long time you know I love Skam and one of the reasons I wanna visit Norway is because of Skam. Not just because of that, but mainly. I've fell in love with Oslo when I was in my 8th grade and since them I cant take it out of my mind. Everything is just so perfect in it! UGH

My fav city in the hole world alongside New York and Singapura. It's pretty, one of the most happy places in the world and it's good for me in professional terms. Austria and Denmark are one of the best places to work in journalism so this one has been in my plate for a long long time. And it's very #instagoals. I see myself doing little getways there in the winter. I would be very happy if I could live there.

I do believe and I hope I get to visit all of this places till the day I'm not here anymore. I think that when I get my car, my life all together and finish college it will be easier to go around and visit new things. Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to know all the little cute villages my country has instead of spending my money in a foreign country, but we'll see. Let me know where do you wanna go and what places do you recommend.

a little note: y'all should see call me by your name, lady bird,  coco and listen to the greatest showman soundtrack - it makes feel alive and believe in me. One of my dreams is to have a show on broadway so ... 

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